Young Adult Community

A Generation of YES,
in pursuit of Purpose, a Family of Disciples...


Pursuit of Jesus Christ

Pursue God's truth & true community

Embracing Discipleship

Understanding Identity and Purpose

Sundays | 7pm

The Young Adult Community (The Y.A.C.) will meet weekly on Sunday evenings from 7-9 pm in the Worship Center.

All between the ages of 18-35 are invited to community in pursuit of identity, relationship, purpose and belonging to Christ.

We will meet in small socially distanted circles. All safety/sanitizing protocols are strictly enforced.

YAC Group Facilitators

If you have a knack for stirring dialogue, if you understand the importance of pointing the NOW generation to identity and purpose in the Father, if you're inspired to answer "Yes" to the plans of the Christ... then become a Group Facilitator with the Y.A.C.

You need not be an expert (we'll equip you)...
You need not worry about where (we have space for you)...
You need ONLY to bring your passion for the Christ...
For more information, click  "QUESTIONS" button to send an email to Walter.