Creating a Community where people are 
welcomed home, built up and sent out.

Be the Church

"We are for equality, justice, love & peace. It starts with Prayer, but it doesn't end there."
               - Pastor Lowell + Walter Charles

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We Are Better Together

Would you like to be able to share your faith in Jesus Christ more confidently? The Case for Christ is a 6 week class with videos and discussion questions written by Lee Strobel.

Join us for this interactive class and strengthen your ability to share your faith powerfully! There is no homework nor cost involved!

The One Blood bus will be in the Crossroads parking lot on Sunday, Aug 9 from 9am-2pm. 4 people can give at a time with social distancing.

All donors receive a FREE OneBlood Tote Bag and a wellness checkup including COVID-19 antibody test, blood pressure, temperature, iron count, pulse and cholesterol screening!

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