Crossroads’ Worship Community Team

Worship Instrumentalists

In order to be considered, invited to participate, and maintain a position as a Crossroads’ Worship Instrumentalist, the following is expected:
  • Be comfortable working from mp3’s and chord charts
  • Have basic improvisational skills
  • Play with a click track in various common time signatures
  •  Be proficient in playing different genres
  • Have a solid sense of being able to present the “sound” needed for common modern worship music.
  •  Be developing an ability to hear and play intervals/riffs, scales, and be knowledgeable of common chords and voicing.
  • Have qualified gear as an instrumentalist, qualified gear as a guitarist/able to use capo as needed.
  •  Be able to hear riffs and duplicate them from a provided mp3.
  • Be able to learn music quickly.
  • Be teachable
  • Regularly participate in scheduled practices and designated worship experiences.

Lead Vocalists

ALL Worship vocalists at Crossroads Church are expected to participate as members of the Worship Choir. Potential backline, frontline worship leaders, or lead vocalists come from and continually serve as members of the worship choir.

Front Line and Back Line vocalists are invited to participate as the forward voices of the Crossroads’ Worship Community. Worship Leaders, identified and nurtured by senior worship leadership, come from this grouping and can be invited to serve not only as song leaders, but also ministry voices, expected to exhort, lead prayer, and minister to the congregation.
  • Be considered vocally proficient
  • Sing with qualified pitch, tone quality, vocal control, and breathing technique
  • Read music and learn vocal parts quickly
  • Be able to hear, provide, and maintain vocal harmonies
  • Be able to improvise
  • Be comfortable, confident, and able to engage the congregation when serving on the forward platform
  • Be able to sing and blend well with the band and other vocalists
  • Be able to learn and maintain qualified pitch while using in-ear monitors
  • Be able to stylistically interpret a variety of songs/genres
  • Be able to sing with a click track
  • Be teachable
  • Regularly participate in scheduled rehearsals and designated worship experiences

Worship Choir

The Worship Choir complements the ministry efforts of Crossroads’ front and backline worship vocalists, and inspires the larger congregation to more fully participate in pursuit of a Christ focused music worship experience. This ensemble of worship vocalists presents during designated worship experiences and seasonal events.

Worship Choir members must be able to match pitch, vocalize with an acceptable tone, blend with others, and sing songs as instructed. The ability to hear and sing harmonies is a plus. Choir members are expected to regularly participate in scheduled practices and worship experiences
Rehearses Bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 6:45pm and sings in services bi-weekly (7:30am rehearsal, services at 9:30am & 11:00am). Typically takes a summer break.

Worship Drama

We endeavor to present dramatic Christ focused illustrations for sermon enhancement, and stand-alone opportunities for the thespian to lift the Christ via this important medium.
 If acting is something you have done, or something you've always thought you would like to do...  If you have interest in behind the scene support at church or creative worship events, and enjoy working as part of a team toward goals/ideas... If you are a writer, or a creative-thinker, or both...If music/songs can move you deeply, draw you into worship and ideas about God and worship...  If you have a heart for serving Jesus...

Participation with this community requires:
  • The gift of creativity and the confidence to be stretched beyond one’s self
  • A willingness to devote time to creation, preparation, and presentation
  • A teachable spirit
  • An embrace of the posture of Christ as the One to be glorified