We want to provide you opportunities for spiritual growth here at Crossroads over the summer months. We are excited to open Community Nights at The Foundation Coffee House (which was formerly known as Crossroads Cafe’).

Invite a few friends to meet anytime from 5:00pm - 7:30pm, for coffee,and  real conversation. Take a look at the ”Staff picks” which are recommended readings or studies to help encourage spiritual growth.

Join the Wednesday Discipleship Text 

text ”grow” to 833.455.0638

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Miss a Week? Video Teachings below


Week 1 | The Value of Community

Week 2 | How to Build a Meaningful Community

Week 3 | Empowerment From Community Part 1

Week 4 | Empowerment from Community Part 2

Week 5 | Understanding the Bible

Week 6 | Why the Bible can be Trusted

Week 9 |  Jesus Taught us How to Pray 

Week 10 |  Sharing our Faith

Week 11 | Hearing the Voice of God

Week 12 | Living more Simply Pt.1 

Week 13 | Living more Simply Pt.2 

Week 15 |The Holy Spirit & Spiritual Gifts

Week 17 |Taking Care of God's Temple: Healing

Week 14 | Standing firm in our Faith/Spiritual Warfare

Week 16 | Confessions and Forgiveness 

Discipleship Kids

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3