Stephanie's Story.

In 2017, our family excitedly moved to North Carolina from West Virginia for a job promotion. The thought of leaving our community made us sad, but at the same time we were excited for a new adventure. For almost two years, we faced several challenges including our daughter changing schools, looking for a home, and finding a church community. These were trials that left us feeling very isolated and alone seeing as how we were without our family and friends.
In the fall of 2018, Margo was selected from her school to receive scuba training from SEAKERS Aquatic Adventures. On the first night of training, I arrived at Crossroads Church to find out more details. I spoke to Shannon McAteer about SEAKERS and how the group was connected to Crossroads. I told him we had been searching for a church and nothing felt like a good fit for our family. Shannon spoke to me about Crossroads and how special it was to his family. He invited our family to attend church at Crossroads. The next Sunday, we came. After that service we knew we had finally found a church that felt like home.
A lot has happened in the few short months since we first started attending Crossroads. Margo went on the SCUBA trip with SEAKERS in April and found God. She was baptized by Shannon on that trip. She now enjoys attending youth group at Crossroads and is growing in her faith. James and I went through the Crossroads Connect Class and became members of Crossroads in May. I cannot begin to find the words to express how much SEAKERS means to our family. They helped us find our way.
During that time, a job became available in West Virginia for which James could have applied. We talked about leaving and moving back, but we decided to stay. We couldn’t leave the community we finally found: at our daughter’s school, the SEAKERS group and at Crossroads. God answered our prayers with all of these blessings. God had placed us here for a reason; for our family to find and grow in Him.


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