Mission Organizations

La Aljaba

Leticia, Colombia
This center for children is currently serving 86 children coming from 68 families.  Some of the children live at the center and others come for the day. They are given nutritious meals, helped with their school work and taught about Jesus. The hope is that the cycle of poverty will be broken through the hope that Jesus offers and education. The director, Lucy Palma, believes they are impacting a generation. We support them financially each month through Orphanos.

Pan Necesario

Chihuahua, Mexico
This school provides a safe place for children to get a good education and nutritious meals. It is run by Pastor David and Rosy Sanchez. They offer school during the week, evening Bible studies, and church services on Sundays. Crossroads sent teams there for 3 years to help at the school by leading VBS for the children as well as providing food and school supplies.
Now we send them monthly financial support.