Crossroads COVID Response
Crossroads Covid-19 exposure reduction protocols

Important information for all in-person attendees of Crossroads’ classes or services

To our beloved local Crossroads members, attendees, and visitors:
With Covid-19 community spread continuing to be a prevalent concern in our region, the leadership at Crossroads Church want to remind all of our local members, regular attendees, and visitors of the protocols we have adopted to minimize exposure risk while visiting the church for services, classes, or other ministry offerings.  

For Sunday morning services and worship events, Crossroads continues to employ stringent cleaning and disinfection practices. We have hand-sanitizing stations positioned throughout the church, including in classrooms along with disinfection kits and extra PPE for those needing it, and our restrooms stay well-stocked with disinfectant soap for diligent hand washing.

When entering the building on Sundays, you will be greeted with smiling faces and genuine good mornings while our amazing staff, usher and greeter teams graciously adhere to our policy of respecting our attendees’ personal space preferences.  We have now been offering in-person opportunities for several months and our protocols have proven effective.
In our Crossroads Kids area, teachers and volunteers who work in close, extended proximity to children attending one of our children’s classes will be masked.  Masks for children are optional and subject to each family’s own discretion.  

If you are sick, having any possible Covid symptoms, or have had a confirmed Covid-19 exposure, we STRONGLY urge you to enjoy our Sunday services online, or classes via our numerous “hybrid” options.  Please be sure you have followed all current guidelines for any confirmed Covid exposure or personal symptoms of illness which can be found on the CDC website (link found below) before returning to in person opportunities at the church.

If you discover after attending a service or event at the church that you (or someone in your family that attended as well) is positive for Covid-19 and may have been contagious during your visit, we encourage you to please contact Pastor Bobby as a courtesy.  We are thankful to those few within our body for whom this scenario occurred for keeping us informed; the aggressive contact tracing that we have been able to do following such an exposure has been a huge factor in the effectiveness of our exposure mitigation efforts.

Our leadership team monitors regional, state, and local Covid-19 information regularly and meets weekly, to not only discuss our protocols in counsel with CDC guidelines and even medical professionals within our own church community, but more importantly, to pray and filter our informed decisions through Godly discernment.  

We love and care for the well-being of everyone who calls Crossroads their church home and will adjust our protocols as needed and as prompted by the Holy Spirit.