Brynlee's Story.

During my experience in Crossroads Kids, I've learned a lot about God and how to trust him. I got the opportunity to go to Camp WinShape last summer where I learned God is my Shepherd. Then we had our church VBS. I learned that we can choose to give our lives to Jesus because he gave his for us. If we do believe in Jesus , when you die you can go to heaven and live with him. So on that night I gave my life to Jesus. Then, I took the New Believers class. One night we learned about Baptism and what it is and how it is done. Me and my Mom talked about if I wanted to get baptized and it came down to me wanting to do it. The day of my baptism was a great day I felt made new and different but a good different. From now on I am a Christian.


"I spent time wondering if things were worth it, If I was worth it..."

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"We are not alone anymore, we have our Church family."

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"God placed us here for a reason."

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