Frances' Story.

When I first walked in the door at Crossroads in 2002, I said to myself, "This is where I belong". I have been involved in church all my life, but there was a feeling in the sanctuary that I had never felt before when I entered the church. The Holy Spirit was present in that building that day. People were so friendly, the worship was awesome, and Pastor Lowell's message was so refreshing. This was CHURCH, not just church. I love how we are greeted as we enter the parking lot, the outside doors, and the inside doors. How could you not feel welcome?

My name is Frances Lee and my husband is Ed. We became members in 2003 and have since become involved in many different aspects of the church. We have been ushers for several years and belong to the Classics, a fun-loving group of seniors. I became involved in the women's ministry, attended several retreats and other life changing events. I am surrounded by groups of women through Bible studies and small groups. We support each other constantly with encouraging words and prayers. They brought us meals when I was unable to cook following surgery. These are very special friends, more like family.

Crossroads is a very generous, Mission minded Church. We are regularly sending out groups locally and all over the world to spread God's word and bring others to Christ. It is so rewarding to be able to support this effort financially.

As a result of my association with friends, I began studying God's Word through daily devotionals and Bible studies. My relationship with Christ has grown tremendously. Even though I have been baptized twice earlier, I recently was baptized again at age 79..a very satisfying and freeing experience.

I never attend an event or worship without having learned something new. Crossroads is definitely our church and our family. Thank you Jesus for leading us here.


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